A Culture in Chaos

A Culture in Chaos

by Dr. David Sampson on September 21, 2016

There is not a day that goes by that news reports don’t flood us with images of rioting in the streets, bombings in our cities, disrespecting of authority, and killing of the innocent. Man’s biased emotions are fueled by his sinful depravity, without restraint or regard to others. Our world can be defined by the words found in Judges 17:6 “…but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Narcissism and nihilism rule the streets which are destroying the moral fiber of our nation each day. Corruption in politics, compromise in the church, and crime in the city has produced a culture in chaos.

What are we to do? For some, the answer is found in their political party. For others, the answer is found in providing a better environment, improving our laws, and enhancing our educational system. While there may be some good found in these, they will never calm the chaos. Our culture needs more than good; it needs God! Only a personal relationship with Jesus can muzzle the madness and calm the chaos. In his 1998 book entitled, Successful Parenting, Dr. John MacArthur wrote this indictment of American culture:

Secular society seems bent on teaching children to rebel against authority. Today’s kids watch an average of thirty hours of television per week. Before she graduates from high school, the typical American teenager will have watched twenty thousand hours of television. The great majority of the programs she watches will portray authority figures as evil and rebellion as a virtue. She’ll see all kinds of sin glamorized. Homosexuality will be presented as a normal, even noble, lifestyle choice. Murder, immorality, and drug use will be an essential part of the daily fare, so that even the grossest misdeeds will no longer even seem shocking. Thus inured to the exceeding sinfulness of sin, and inclined to distrust authority while romanticizing rebellion, she is poised to enter adulthood with very different moral values and a radically different worldview, from anyone in her great-grandparents’ generation.[1]

Is this not what we see today? You may be thinking, “How do we change things?” and “Where does the change begin?” It doesn’t start in the White House, schoolhouse, or even the church house—change starts at your house with you! That’s right, you! Individual people make the effort to humble themselves in dependency on God to help and heal our nation. It takes one snowflake to form a snowball; it takes one spark to ignite a flame, and it takes one person who is willing to trust God to bring about change.

The legendary preacher of Chicago, D. L. Moody, visited Britain in 1872, and while he was there, he met Evangelist Henry Varley. During their meeting, Varley looked to Moody and said: “Moody, the world has yet to see what God can do with and for and through and in a man who is fully and wholly consecrated to Him. [2]” Apparently, as the years passed, Varley did not remember making the statement, but Moody never forgot it. Moody set out to change his city by the power of Christ. Where do you start? Here are three simple steps:

  1. Calling on God in Prayer: First, to be saved from your sins; and also to be sanctified for His service. Ask the Lord to help you to be a difference-maker where you live.
  1. Committing to Biblical Principles: Begin today depending on His Word to shape your worldview. World change only comes through the World Maker—GOD!
  1. Compelling Others to do the Same: Share your faith by shining the light of God’s Word in your life.

These three simple steps will aid you, along with many others who have decided to do the same, to change a culture in chaos.


[1] John MacArthur, Successful Christian Parenting: Raising Your Child with Care, Compassion, and Common Sense (Bedford, Tex.: Word Pub., 1998), 112–113.

[2] Warren W. Wiersbe, Ten People Every Christian Should Know (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2011).

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