Paving the Road to Lawlessness

Paving the Road to Lawlessness in America

by Dr. David Sampson on July 07, 2020

America is living in an unprecedented time of turmoil. Pandemics, politics, and protests dominate the esteemed heritage of American patriotism. The path of moral behavior many Americans have tried to walk is being repaved with bricks of lawlessness. The political divide is great, and the past transgressions of previous generations may reoccur if justice, law, and order do not prevail.

The carnage wrecking American life stems from a variety of causes. However, according to the Bible, the blame is pointed in one direction. Note Paul’s words in Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” We wrestle not with flesh and blood—that is, man’s problem is not man, but a world of spiritual forces controlled by Satan and aimed in our direction.  

While the works of man’s sinful nature plays a role in the proliferation of evil (cf. Galatians 5:19-21), we must remember all evil originates in Satan. Sinful manipulation and temptation are Satan’s strategy, and he will do whatever it takes to steal, kill, and destroy the glory and worship of God in the earth (John 10:10).

Satan has an army of evil spirits who preside over cities, towns, states, and nations called “principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places.” His army has an agenda—remove the worship of the Lord and replace it with works of lawlessness.

We certainly see the works of lawlessness increasing in our day. However, many are blind to the fact that the evil in the world is a part of something much bigger—a cosmic spiritual battle for the souls of men. There are supernatural powers at work, and misguided Christians are oblivious to this reality. The cause stems from not spending enough time in God’s Word to understand the signs of the times.

Dr. Kent Hughes argues: “The prevailing materialistic, mechanistic thinking of our age leaves no room for the supernatural, or indeed anything without a physical cause. Sadly, many Christians are so influenced by this thinking that even though they give conscious voice to their belief in Satan and spiritual warfare, their lives show no evidence of this reality. They actually live in unconscious disbelief.[1]

As a believer in Christ, it is time to wake up to the prophetic realities looming over us. Let me give you several things you need to know to helped pave a righteous road.

  1. Know the Savior

The most important thing to know is salvation comes from Christ (Acts 4:12). Salvation provides the direction you need to walk the righteous path of God’s will. It is essential to know who you are in Christ. The New Testament writers instruct us to be like pilgrims and strangers passing through a foreign land. (Philippians 3:20, Hebrews 11:13, I Peter 2:11). However, as we go—we are not just wanderers, we are worshipers of God! All believers are called to be spiritual ambassadors of Heaven with a special message of faith, hope, and love from our King.

  1. Know the Scripture

Be familiar with the truths found in Scripture. Like a pilot who relies on their gauges to help them fly, you must know your Bible to soar over the complexities of life. Know your Bible, and intentionally pursue ways to use it daily.

  1. Know the Signs of the Times

The Apostle Paul called the expectation of the Lord's glorious return, "the blessed hope" (Titus 2:13), meaning Christ's return will be joyful for the believer! However, there is a sense that the blessed hope can be experienced now because of one's understanding of prophecy. Knowing end-time events will lift your spirit above the frustrations of life as you look forward to the day that God will make all things new!

Missional Until He Comes,
Dr. David L. Sampson 
Titus 1:3


[1] R. Kent Hughes, Ephesians: The Mystery of the Body of Christ, Preaching the Word (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 1990), 212–214.

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